Hi Tech Electronics is the expert in Port Angeles who can bring an exciting new dynamic to your living or family room – and individually-controlled audio to every room in your house if that’s your wish.

The excitement and vitality of big screen video fully-engaging the strongest of our senses – vision – is hugely enhanced when we add the component of high-quality full-range audio to also engage our hearing. The electronic equipment available from Hi Tech can take you to new heights…come to our showroom to see and feel the experience!


Today’s hot topic in home improvement is the “Home Theater”. With hi-resolution video, Dolby® Digital Surround audio and the stunning picture quality of the latest generation Large Screen TV’s, a true movie experience is now available in your own home.

Hi Tech Electronics can provide you with a basic sound bar to a Dolby Atmos sound system to satisfy your audio needs.

With names like Sony, Russound, Onkyo,and Klipsch, you know that the best products are available here. Visit our Showroom page to find out more about these top brands and then come our store to experience the home theater room…there’s nothing like being here!


Whole-house audio gives you the ability to use a single system supplying sound and music to more than one room in your home. Simple systems may be just an extra pair of speakers installed in another room, on the deck or in the workshop.

More elaborate designs may feed all rooms in the home with multi-source capability and special full-access keypads and remote extenders. This gives users the ability to listen to different sources in different rooms. One person may listen to his/her favorite radio show in the den while the other is listening to their choice of CD’s on the deck. New keypads and controllers allow the choice of sources, audio levels, radio station selection or even select different tracks on different CD’s from any room. Intercom ability is also available.

While high-performance speakers and equipment look natural in the home theater or music room, they usually don’t blend well in other locations of the home. Using whole house audio, we can provide excellent performance, but with speakers that provide a custom, “built-in” look for any room.

Knowing that the equipment selected for the home is important, equally important is the installation of the equipment AND the wiring. Improperly installed cabling may be subject to noise and interference – and in the worst of cases can cause intermittent operation and even equipment failure.

Our technicians are experienced in installing the equipment we sell – all carry the Specialty Electricians licenses now required by the State of Washington for limited energy wiring installation. Please contact us or visit our showroom and so we can demonstrate how enjoyable a whole-house audio system can be.